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A chronological itinerary in the heart of the city to get to know and relive
its history. A pleasant and engaging walk through the 4 main squares where
the monuments that characterize the historical-artistic face of the city
stand out: it starts from Piazza del Foro, the heart of the ancient Brixia which houses
the monumental remains of the Capitolium, the best preserved Roman
temple of the Po Valley, and of the Roman theater. Between the ancient decumanus and the cardo massimo the remains of
the basilica and of the ancient portico of the square are also visible. We then move on to the medieval period: Piazza Paolo VI (formerly the
Duomo) political and religious center of Brescia from the municipal age.
Here stands the old or round Cathedral, a striking stone building with
a thousand-year history and the contemporary Palazzo del Broletto,
for centuries the fulcrum of the city's administrative life, dominated by the
characteristic Torre del Pègol. Inside the courtyard, the most important
Romanesque and Renaissance architecture interact with each other.
The impressive marble façade of the Duomo Nuovo stands out in the square,
begun in 1604 and is surmounted by the third largest dome in Italy. Through the ancient "new road", where the armourers forged the valuable
armor bresciane known throughout the world, we arrive in Piazza della Loggia,
the most famous, elegant and homogeneous of the city. It was built starting
in1426 at the behest of the authorities of the Serenissima. The buildings of
the Loggia, the Monte di Pietà and the Clock Tower fully reveal the markedly
Venetian mark of the place. Here are also preserved monuments related to
tragic episodes of the city's history: the X Days and, more recently, the
memorial stone in memory of the fallen in Piazza della Loggia (May 28, 1974). The itinerary ends in Piazza della Vittoria, built in 1932, following the
demolition of the old Pescherie district, designed by the architect
Marcello Piacentini, in full rationalist style. At the end of this beautiful cultural tour we will climb into the Castle,
the ancient fortress that has dominated the city for centuries where
we can walk through the people, the walkways and the old
military structures, and where we will find plenty of space for
four-legged friends.   Duration 3h approximately (including cognitive stop with dog trainer) Children from 6 to 12 years pay € 18 Children up to 6 years free

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